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21 Strategies to find new clients and business

It's no accident. In 5 hours I can show you how to improve your bookings with this valuable programme.

Follow these strategies and you will have a fully booked diary, not only locally, but around the world.

How Often Do You Find Yourself Saying: "I Wish I Knew How To Find New Clients And Bookings"

Now you have all the answers - how and where to find new clients and speaking engagements.

Discover 21 Strategies To find new clients, barter, get sponsorship and much, much more...

Get the information you need right now. With 3 CDs, a DVD and informational video demonstrations, this is a practical series with proven results.

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I created this product because wherever I speak in the world, the question I am asked most is 'where and how do I find new clients and bookings.'

In the begining I cold called for 3 months without success and then had one breakthrough. A client gave me an opportunity and I have now worked with that client all over the world.

Over the years I have discovered 21 strategies to keep my diary filled without having to make the cold calls. Now I speak in 48 countries at some of the most exotic locations on earth.

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As speakers, we have to develop a marketing mentality and this programme will show you how to do it. The series will share strategies on how to:

  • Develop a referral mentality - Your clients love you and you need to know how and when to ask for referrals.
  • Find out how to barter - I barter speaking engagements with major international airlines, exclusive health clubs, exhibition stand organisations and plenty more. Find out how easy it is to do...
  • Get companies to sponsor your talks - Over the past 10 years, I have found sponsors that pay me to speak all over the world to their distributors. The most I have done at a time is 21 talks in 12 countries in 3 weeks.

Listen to a track from the series now on sponsors

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Before launching myself into the corporate speaking marketplace, I needed to fully understand the business from A to Z. Frank you were (are) a magnificent teacher, thanks!

Paul Fletcher http://www.paulfletcher.co.uk/

  • Market with articles - Learn how to create you own fame on the internet by writing articles. I have numerous of articles published on the internet and those same articles have been published in many magazines. Once again, this brings in the bookings constantly.
  • Create a 'Killer' website - Find out how to create a great website that will attract potential bookers.
  • Get in front of decision makers and speak to CEO groups. - Right now 50% of my engagements are to five different CEO organisations. I don't need to look for new business any more, the decision makers are right there in my audience.
You have many talents! but the best one is that you do what you say you are going to do, and that puts you at the top of my integrity list. You are 'some man' as they say in some parts of England. (Cornwall actually) I'm always happy to give you my money, it just seems to multiply back to me.

Paul St John Martin http://www.pauls-world.co.uk/

  • Discover how to work with bureaus all over the world. - There are definite 'do's' and 'dont's' to establishing relationships and working with bureaus. Listen to some legendary bureaus speaking about what they expect from speakers.

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Never again will you be staring at an empty diary wondering where the next engagement will come from. Follow all the strategies shared on this series and find yourself speaking not only in your own country, but all over the world.

You get 3 audio CDs, one DVD and an addittional CD with instructional videos.

Listen to a track from the series now on bartering

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The course was awesome. You demystified the mysticism surrounding professional speaking and yourself while enhancing your character, strength of personality and generosity of spirit. I have rarely seen anything like it in business. It was humbling and awe inspiring. Your techniques were from an incredible level of experience. You are a master speaker but also a master at getting work. A hundred books could not have done what you did for me - show me how to make money from speaking.

David Thomas - Professional Speaker http://www.nyt.co.uk/david.thomas.htm


Frank Furness is not only a marvellous, successful professional speaker, he knows all the insiders information about speaking globally. If you are dreaming and planning to become an international speaker, you will treasure and benefit from every word. I wish I had Frank's great ideas before I made my first international presentations. It always pays to get expert advice from a successful expert who has been down the trail before you.

Dottie Walters CSP - International Speaker, Author, Consultant



These strategies have worked for me and they can do the same for you. Don't wait, invest in yourself right now.

Good Luck and enjoy the journey.

Don't you owe it to yourself to try How to Find New Clients for Speakers today?

Frank Furness

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